Stuck door?!

Hey, y’all.  Today we did our schoolwork and chores, played some Mario, and got my brothers’ door stuck. How, you ask, did we manage to do that? Well, we were reading the Bible and we about to pray, and then my mom gets a call from Mor Mor, our grandma, and puts the prayer on hold. So me, Jp and Lib are being too loud and dad says we have to go somewhere else and we head to the boy’s room. We start wrestling and then Jp runs out of the room, and me and Lib think that he’s getting a drink of water, but then we try to turn the door knob and it won’t budge. There’s a certain trick that works on their door and if you push the door and hold it there, it won’t move and the person is locked in. Well, I also have discovered a way to foil that technique and can open the door. I pushed and pushed and …click. The doorknob turns… and the door stays shut. I jiggle the doorknob and it still won’t turn. Yep, the door knob is broken. Fortunately the room has a window big enough to climb out of. Dad just fixed it, but he was far from happy with us for messing it up in the first place. Heh heh. At least we didn’t get in trouble…. 


(: ~Hope~ 🙂 
“Absolutely free…..with a $10 purshase.”
-Bart Rathbone

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