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Memorial day!

O lovely memorial day, I love you! Because on memorial day THEY OPEN ALL THE POOLS! YAAAAY! I loooove the pool! I think that maybe I’m part fish, cuz I looove to swim, and if I do say so myself, I’m pretty good at it too.I haven’t taken swimming lessons in two years, but I was level eight out of twelve. 🙂

I love the pool, because of the swimming, the delicious snack bar, the many people I find myself meeting.

BUT! the only reason I hate it is because of the epically STUPID jerks who break into the lockers that you put your stuff in. Today, I had an unfortunate encounter with the  E.S.J., or the Extremely Stupid Jerks. I have heard tale of these idiots, but never actually met face to face. I had heard of the one kid, who stole money from kids’ lockers with his buddies AND his sister, who I immediately stopped hanging out with when another girl told me this news. But back to the original story. I was getting my towel from my locker and I saw a bunch of kids in there. I usually wait until the kids leave to get my stuff, but I decided to get it  anyway. then …what the heck? Is that MY LOCKER?!I walk into the locker room, and they are tossing around what sounds like coins, and yes my locker is slightly ajar, and it’s…wet? The kid near me says that they just put ice in my backpack! I’m sooo glad I left my Kindle fire with my brother! I didn’t check to see if they stole any of my money, but all I had was a few coins anyway. But seriously!! I feel so lame because all I called them was ‘Losers’, then ran off like a dog with it’s tail between his legs. And you know what? The lockers don’t even have locks! Honestly, what’s a locker without a lock? Yes, you can get locks for them, but for  THREE BUCKS APIECE! Look at what you have to pay for basic security! But the pool doesn’t care. they Even put up a sign saying “We are not responsible for lost or stolen items”!

But despite this craziness this day wasn’t a whole failure. I got to swim around, eat those disgustingly good snacks, meet people, and just plain have a good time. Happy memorial day, and go to the pool! ( but leave your stuff with your mom or dad!)

“Doing reaserch is a pain in the neck.”
-Connie Kendall


Hi folks. I’m bored!! My dad told me to post on my blog, so here I am, having nothing to write about, and mainly watching ‘Twilight” trailers. Not that I like Twilight, I’m just trying to figure out what it’s all about. So far, I’m pretty much stumped, plus it looks really, really creepy. *shuddering* I’ve never read the books, though. Maybe I should sometime, if my mom ever lets me….

(: ~Hope~ 🙂
“Absolutely free…..with a $10 purshase.”
-Bart Rathbone

May the Fourth be with you!

Hey, peeps-who-read-my-blog, guess what today is? Maybe if you read the title you can figure it out…

Have you guessed yet? That’s right, it’s national Star Wars day! It’s like this: Today is May 4th, so you get….. May the fourth be with you. 🙂 🙂 Clever, huh?

Bye 4 now!

(: ~Hope~ 🙂
“Absolutely free…..with a $10 purshase.”
-Bart Rathbone


Memory Masters!

Hey, I know it seems like I have dropped out of the blogging world lately, but here I am, live and in person!

Last night, we went to our Classical Conversations end-of-year party, and i was named one of nine Memory Masters! What is a Memory Master, you ask? Well, In CC (Classical Conversations) Over the year, we memorize over 400 things. The 400 things are divided up into 7 subjects: Math, History, Grammar, Latin, Science, Timeline,   and Geography. I mastered  all of them! You have to recite them to your teacher, parents, and director and not only that, get them all right. That’s just what I did! I also got a extra subject, Bible. You have to memorize John 1:1-7. That’s also what I had to translate for Latin. Since I got Memory Master, I also received a t-shirt with a bunch of stuff from around the year printed on the back. I’m wearin it right now! 🙂

C u soon!

(: ~Hope~ 🙂
“Absolutely free…..with a $10 purshase.”
-Bart Rathbone