Memory Masters!

Hey, I know it seems like I have dropped out of the blogging world lately, but here I am, live and in person!

Last night, we went to our Classical Conversations end-of-year party, and i was named one of nine Memory Masters! What is a Memory Master, you ask? Well, In CC (Classical Conversations) Over the year, we memorize over 400 things. The 400 things are divided up into 7 subjects: Math, History, Grammar, Latin, Science, Timeline,   and Geography. I mastered  all of them! You have to recite them to your teacher, parents, and director and not only that, get them all right. That’s just what I did! I also got a extra subject, Bible. You have to memorize John 1:1-7. That’s also what I had to translate for Latin. Since I got Memory Master, I also received a t-shirt with a bunch of stuff from around the year printed on the back. I’m wearin it right now! 🙂

C u soon!

(: ~Hope~ 🙂
“Absolutely free…..with a $10 purshase.”
-Bart Rathbone

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