Dental extraction

Ohh, the pain! Today I went to the dentist and had a tooth get pulled. :( sad OWWWW! So, when I went in they gave me 3 shots, and that’s the best part! Ughhh. My lips and cheek felt so WIERD. It was kinda like, touching your stomach, where you don’t have a lot of nerves, and you can hardly feel it. The left side of my face felt really fat for a few hours. At least it didn’t hurt when they pulled the tooth! And they took the longest time trying to dig out the roots, and right then I was grateful for the shots. But are my gums hurting now! And now there’s this HOLE in my mouth where the tooth was supposed to be. AND I have to keep this piece of gauze in my mouth. Plus, my pesky little brother keeps asking me to take out the gauze, so that he can see the hole. Ah well. It’s “For my own good”!

Laters, cheese gaters!

“Doing reaserch is a pain in the neck.”
-Connie Kendall

5 thoughts on “Dental extraction

  1. “Laters, cheese gaters!” I feel like you’re talking about a party that I wasn’t invited to… What does it even mean?


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