End of the world?

So right now it’s 2:06 in the morning, on Saturday!! I survived the apocolypse! Or, more spacifically, a completely normal,totally avarage day! I’m so bummed the apocolypse (did I spell that right?) didn’t come! JK. But in all seriousness, did any of you guys actually think the world was going to come to an end? I actually didn’t, and honestly I didn’t even know what day that it was supposed to, but I looked at my friend’s blog a couple minutes ago and I was like “Dang! That was today!?” 😉 Lol.
Btw, here’s a link to my friend’s blog
She has some “End of the world” cartoons on her “End of the world” post. Check it out! (I hope you don’t mind, Alley!)


LOOK! PIZZA! (> (> (>

Mkay, bye for real!

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