About me

Here is some stuff about me…
I :x lovestruck sugar! Just ask…anyone :D big grin.  I also love emailing,  and my friends, and hats (I wear one every day!), and my Robotics team (which I will be joining again in the fall), and pizza ^O^||3 eat, and acting.
I also :x lovestruck my Classical Conversations community, and taking quizzes, and gymnastics (even though I don’t take lessons) and making quizzes, and reading, and being with family.
Also, helping in the church nursery, and listening to Adventures in Odyssey, and wearing my favorite high tops, and listening to Mandesa, Casting Crowns, Matthew West, Brandon Heath, Steven Curtis Chapman, 10th Avenue North, and Laura’s Story on KLove (96.1 and 97.3 FM).
I DETEST these new braces that they just shoved in my mouth three days ago. 
Well, that’s about it! Oh, I forgot to mention: I like smileys! :(game) play game[]==[] exerciseo|:-) catcho|\~ sing:puke! pukeo|^_^|o music:::^^::: hot'+_+ coldB-) cool >:) devil
C u!!! 

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