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I'm a theater geek. I love my Kindle Fire, laughing with friends, drawing, and writing.

Since my last post…

Hey, guys, sorry I haven’t been posting on my blog, I have just been SWAMPED with homework and other things. Since my last post, I have



Been to game day for our robotics team

Attempted making pancakes, utter failure

Read 200 pages of St Augustine’s Confessions, Still have 150 to go

Wrote a personal narrative for writing class

Attempted making pancakes again, complete catastrophe

Been to Classical Conversations, did my weekly presentation on Origami

Been to my church’s Reformation Day Celebration, was in a skit about Martin Luther

went to Geneva academy, worked on a program for my TI-83 Calculator

Had a discussion with my dad about Predestination

Attempted making pancakes again, and….. Success!

We own a pig!

Hey, ya’ll. Sorry I havn’t posted in a while, I’ve been pretty busy. So my news is…we got a pig! Today! I just went outuside to see him, and he is sooo cute! We named him…..wait for it…wait for it…Hamlet, Prince of Denmark! You see, in the story Hamlet by Shakespeare, Hamlet was the prince of Denmark. So the Royal Prince of Denmark is living in our Backyard! It’s only too fitting, because my mom’s side of the family is Danish…:)

“Me, I’m dishonest. And you can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. Honestly, it’s the honest ones you have to look out for, because you never know if they’re going to do something incredibly…stupid.”
-Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Carribean

Dental extraction

Ohh, the pain! Today I went to the dentist and had a tooth get pulled. :( sad OWWWW! So, when I went in they gave me 3 shots, and that’s the best part! Ughhh. My lips and cheek felt so WIERD. It was kinda like, touching your stomach, where you don’t have a lot of nerves, and you can hardly feel it. The left side of my face felt really fat for a few hours. At least it didn’t hurt when they pulled the tooth! And they took the longest time trying to dig out the roots, and right then I was grateful for the shots. But are my gums hurting now! And now there’s this HOLE in my mouth where the tooth was supposed to be. AND I have to keep this piece of gauze in my mouth. Plus, my pesky little brother keeps asking me to take out the gauze, so that he can see the hole. Ah well. It’s “For my own good”!

Laters, cheese gaters!

“Doing reaserch is a pain in the neck.”
-Connie Kendall

I got my ears pierced!

Hey y’all! As you can probably guess from the title…I got my ears pierced!  It was on Wednesday. Me and my mom were going to go do it an then go to a bible study. So we drove right up to Claire’s, hopped out and went in. Well, it took a while for them to do it, because my mom had to fill out a bunch of boring paperwork. While my mom was doing this the lady held up a little teenie – tiny little plastic contraption and said “This is what we pierce your ears with. It’s easy peasy.” Oh gawsh. Then she took out…the needles. EEP! But fortunately, I am very skilled at hiding my emotions, because I sat still and didn’t flinch. And I’m not all that afraid of needles, to tell you the truth. Anyway, Once my mom was done… piercing time! Me and the woman who was doing the deed sanitized our hands and she said, “Okay, your just going to feel a little pinch,” and… KA-CHUNK! Owwwwwww! Dude. Whatever stuff they put in books about it not hurting? IT”S NOT TRUE!!! Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but yes. It hurt. Then she did the other ear. And it looks awesome! Except, I have to wait SIX WHOLE MONTHS before I can wear any other earrings. I only have these, and a couple hundred dangley ones. Ah well. I still look awesome!

“Doing research is a pain in the neck.”
-Connie Kendall

My soon-to-be-busy summer

Hiya, you marvelous people who read my blog!:)

As you probably know, I LOVE acting, so I’m going to be in a Theatre camp this summer. It’s at a place called Barn Players. The production is going to be a Barn Jr. show called ‘101 Dalmatians’. I can’t wait!! It’s every day for two whole weeks, all except for Saturdays and Sundays, form 10:00 to 4:00, which means LOTS of time on stage for me!Well, IF I get a big part, but even if you don’t, you still spend a lot time on the stage.:):):):) I always make lots of friends, and hopefully I’ll see my friend Lauri and her brother, Gob.  Long story on why I call him that. 🙂 I really want to be Cruella DeVil. 🙂

And also this summer, I’ll be going on vacation! For like the frist time in about 3 years!! :D:D:D I’m soo psyched. I’l probably take some pictures and post ’em here. 🙂

This is going to be an awseome summer!

“Doing reaserch is a pain in the neck.”
-Connie Kendall



Hey guys! This is my very first post from my Kindle fire. 🙂 I’m at church right now. Bless them for having WiFi in here! This church is pretty neat, though. They also have cookouts every week in the summer! Mmm, mmm, good. Tonight we’re helping set up and clean up with some friends of ours. Fun times!
“Doing reaserch is a pain in the neck ”
Connie Kendall

Justice’s birthday!


So, today was my brother Jp’s birthday!


                                                                  Yes, this is one of my favorite pics of him 🙂

Mor-Mor and Mor-Far (our grandparents) came down from Nebraska for it. Fun times, peeps!


                                                                         Guess who made the cupcakes? Meee! 🙂


                                                        Gorgeous. I should really be a culinary artist someday…


                                                                                                  J is for Justice!


                                                                 Yes, Lib has a blue mohawk in his hair, long story…


                                                                                        Time for cards and…



                                                                                                               Happy birthday Justice!



“Doing reaserch is a pain in the neck”

-Connie Kendall


Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi… I am bored bored bored bored…..I don’t know what to write about about about about…I love repeating myself myself myself… : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

Hey, Hope here!

Okay! Hi people! anyone have an interesting week, ’cause I didn’t!


Can you tell that I had a pretty boring week?

Oh, I know…

here are some of my favorite songs from K Love, my favorite radio station..

Move- MercyMe

Leaving Eden- Brandon Heath

God’s not dead – Newsboys

Learning to be the light – Newworldsson

Made to love – Toby Mac

Starry night – Chris August

“Doing reaserch is a pain in the neck.”
-Connie Kendall